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Eurex is a group of chartered accountants, company auditors and consultants created in 1962 in Annecy (South-East France) by Jean-Pierre BASSO.

Present in France, Italy, Poland, Morocco Switzerland and Tunisia, the Group strives to bring its private and professional customers the solutions most adapted to their expectations, whilst also ensuring that they enjoy unmatched availability.

Eurex has a privileged relationship with each of its clients

  • in order to better understand their environment,
  • to understand their specific issues,
  • to be as reactive and relevant as possible in the advice that is given.

You too can trust us to build a long term relationship together!


Chartered Accounting

Company auditing

Consultancy and accompaniment in tax, labour, legal, financial and asset matters.
The Eurex group also participates in evaluation and company sale activities.


The Eurex Group is an original organisation grouping together independent chartered accounting and audit firms related to each other by the same wish to progress and by the same common interests.

The men and women who make up Eurex group share the same ethics and the same understanding of their profession. Seeking to provide the best customer service, they have strong values: rigour, proximity, dynamism and creativity.

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